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Scott Blanford Testimonial

Bayern Software

We've been working with Isthmus since 2017. Everything has gone great. The developers that we have chosen have worked out well. Management has done a good job for us, and I would recommend anybody who's looking for a near shoring opportunity to come and check out Isthmus.

Scott Blanford, Director of New Product Development

American Kennel Club

I was looking for an organization that could find skilled engineers with good communication skills at a favorable rate. The company I was looking for would be able to scale up or down quickly and have diverse talent in the Java, Angular, Node, and automation testing categories. Support close to our EST time zone was also a consideration.Isthmus had everything I was looking for and more. What Isthmus is for me, is a partner that brings skilled, talented engineers to the engagement... I found the team in Costa Rica to be the very best... My experience with Isthmus has been outstanding."

Michael Hedden, Former Director

AKC Testimonial

Scott Blanford Testimonial

Non-Profit Organization

Working with Isthmus is an amazing experience... the atmosphere at this office is very productive and creative.
The developers here are very responsive, and we’ve never had an issue with communication… they are eager to finish their tasks well ... they are very interested in the work they are being given. This team has really stood out to me, I think not only because of the culture they have in their company, but also just the quality of developers that Costa Rica is producing

Olivia Corley, Business Analyst Technology Service