Hello everyone! Pura Vida!

As Heraclitus said, Change is the only constant in life. Nowadays everything moves so fast, that no one questions the veracity of this statement. As part of this constant change we have changed our website, looking to refresh ourselves and the interaction with all of the Internet tenants. We have dedicated the time to think on a simple way to say what we do and what we offer to our clients, to show or experience and capabilities.

The result of this exercise is the new Isthmus’ face, our new website. We hope you like it and enjoy the experience, please feel free to share why you like it and what do you like the most here, or if there is any improvement area that you would like to suggest.

We continue to grow and we have all our energy focused on doing it orderly, to make sure no detail is left behind while we move on.

Thanks for the chance to become every day a better company.


What happens during 10 years?

If we ask this question to ourselves, several things will come to mind; and looking deeper into such an extensive period of time, we could notice how a string of achievements transform to create a huge milestone, fully evolved and completed at the end of that cycling period.

Let us talk about education for a quick example, we get from school to High school, and prepare to complete that cycle moving to College. We could also say that we move from being kids to become teenagers, and within this transition we prepare to reach adulthood. (Even if we carry over some of our “earlier memories” to enrich our process.)
In general, in 10 years there is a phase that was already achieved and a new one that was started and it is close to be achieved.

Companies are not the exception to this life cycle.

Statistics indicate that only 1 out of 4 startups will survive after the first year of operation. Out of those remaining 36% of the companies will fail in their second year, and out of the remaining 44% in year number three. And finally, out of those remaining 50% will fail in the fourth year.

Startup failure rate

That being said, it is quite an honor to be able to say, that a Costa Rican software company that serves mainly the U.S. market, has achieved this huge milestone.

This accomplishment, is even brighter considering that technology changes faster than companies do, and the challenge for a company in the information technology sector are more aggressive every day.

Thus, we are truly pleased to share with you Isthmus’ anniversary, we have left the childhood behind, we have learned the hard way how to be a teenager, and now we are truly prepared to be an adult.

Isthmus did not increased the startup failure statistics, we survived to tell the story, but as the song says“…these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to”

Today, we thank God, our employees, partners and clients, for letting us tell them this story, but most important for trusting us and let us write it together.

This new cycle is just starting…stay tuned!!!!!